The testimonials from our guests have always been our pride. Here are a few among the hundreds we have received over time. They come from all across the globe from different walks of life.

What a wonderful home. This is certainly the most peaceful place in Kerala.
Steve Kromer, Oakland, California, USA.

Wonderful, interesting and relaxing overnight. The soul is recharged. The canoe ride through the backwaters with the Chinese nets, children splashing in the water, fisher women showing off their catch, the sardines drying on the beach - memories I wont forget. Thank you for a fascinating time.
Ralph and Janice, Stinson, USA

Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience. Your home is beautiful and the food was delicious. Thank you.
Radha & Smitha, Florida, USA

Anthraper gardens in Cherthala is the peach of a place. If you have to do only one home stay in India it has to be this one. The most unforgettable vacation for us.

Thanks for giving us all such a wonderful day, superb hospitality and delicious lunch. We will remember this day for a long time.
Kamili, Keki and Meheru, Kolkatta.

Wonderful holiday, a little piece of heaven on earth. Thank you.
Tomy, Laila, Paul , Tara and Joseph, Bangalore.

Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful home, Thank you for your generous hospitality.
Allan, Lisa, Nicholas and Victoria, Montreal Canada.

Thank you for preserving this lovely place, so full of history and tradition, and for a gracious welcome and fascinating conversation, and for a most comfortable and well fed stay.
Bob Acland, Kentucky, USA

We enjoyed this wonderful night in your garden. Thank you for your openness and friendliness.
Claus Lutkemeyer, Germany

Thanks for everything, the wonderful and warm hospitality, a very quiet and secret place.
Manuela Boetseh and Eric, Switzerland.

Peace and tranquility engulfed in colour and chaos. Heart fulfilling, soul recharging, mind relaxing. It was an unforgettable experience to stay with you and I hope we are able to return soon.
Natasha Adamson and David, England.

Thank you to the family for teaching me a lot about Kerala and its customs and letting me experience its beautiful foods.
James Douglas, Australia.

We had such a wonderful stay in pleasant surroundings. The food was excellent with authentic Kerala flavour. We hope to come back again to enjoy this place.
Ajith Singh, Consul General for Singapore in Chennai, India.

We enjoyed staying in this wonderful and peaceful place. The meals were delicious.
Rahel and Tanja, Switzerland.

It is a beautiful part of India and so peaceful. I really enjoyed by stay.
Lynn. W. Wagga, Bath, U.K

Thank you for the wonderful food and conversation. You house is lovely, peaceful and spotless. Thanks.
Tim Wells, CA, USA.

I absolutely recommend your home as a 'must stay' to experience Kerala home hospitality. Thankyou.
Conrad Corpus, CA, USA

A wonderful location, quiet, peaceful and enchanting. Idyllic and serene settings amongst so much greenery and placid backwaters. Simply breathless and enthralling experience.
Marianne and Revi Srinivasan, Singapore.

Thank you for a wonderful couple of days. The accommodation, the food and the warm hospitality have been marvelous.
Ann Hallan, England
Gilian, Mc Namara, Australia.

We enjoyed the place and tranquility of Anthraper gardens .
Usha and Madhan Ramphal, South Africa.

What a pleasure! We have so enjoyed our stay in this idyllic setting. It is a wonderful memory we shall carry with us back to Winter in England. Many Thanks.
Frank and Trish Dixie, UK

What a thrill to be submerged in the most exquisite hospitality of Kerala and the Anthraper family. What a homestead!
Patric and Ann Dewilde, Netherlands.

How incredibly beautiful, tranquil, warm and welcoming our stay here has been. Truly, Anthraper gardens is a sanctuary of peace and calm from what is, or seem to be, a hectic and crazy world.
Kate and Daniel Forester, Seattle, USA

Hard to imagine a more peaceful setting to remind us of, the world surrounding Anthraper gardens. Magical! What a wonderful place and family to share the new year with.
Heidi and Arvind, USA

We have had a wonderful time and new year celebration to remember. Thank you for making us feel so at home during our stay.
Rachel and Paul Mc Cormack, London, U.K

A restorative stay in peace and tranquility surrounded by nature, a place where once could be silent.
Helen Whitten, London , U.K.

We have enjoyed our stay, the welcome you gave, the care during our stay with you, and I am compelled to say our reluctance to leave….
Hugo and Helga, Hatzel, Vienna, Austria.

My first time in India, my first time in Kerala, what a wonderful place !, a paradise ! I will remember these days spend in Anthraper gardens like a real dream.
Lora Recordati, Milan, Italy.

Fantastic welcome by so nice family. Everything was perfect.
Rakesh Ahuja, Australia.

Anthraper Gardens is a heaven for the weary traveler tourist or business person. We loved the seclusion , the easiness of the company and the sheer comfort that this home stay provides.
Jacquiline Peterson, Venenzula.

Thank you very much for the enchanting and unforgettable stay and the privilege of your company.
Chiara Malagochi, Regina Di Dominicy, Italy.

This is a corner of paradise that distracts the mind and steals the heart.
Loris Di Pietrantonio, Brassils.

The most beautiful picturesque and friendly homestead I have visited. The stay was most relaxing, food was excellent, and most important the people very warm and loving. A must visit again.
Roma and Gopal Kapoor, Mumbai.

We enjoyed very much our stay in this beautiful house with the most friendly hosts. We hope to come back for a longer stay.
Dirk Beisenhers,
Fabian Beisenhers,
Sonja Bosch,
Jana Bosch,
Aron Bosch, Germany.