Nearby attractions at Anthraper Gardens Homestay

Cherthala is surrounded by many Historical Churches, Temples, monuments and an magnificent beach. Activities available include sight seeing trips to nearby temples & churches, beach trips & canoe rides all provided at very nominal rates. For the dedicated angler traditional pole and line fishing is a distinct possibility. Yoga classes can be organized on request.


Arthunkal Church

Arthunkal ChurchArthunkal is a famous pilgrim centre, known for the St. Andrew's church. The Portuguese missionaries set up this Church 1851 AD. The church is popularly known as St. Sebastian's. Portuguese Missionaries landed in Kerala following the arrival of Vasco da Gamma. They visited Muthedath and found so many St Thomas Christians here. They were not baptized, but their ancestors were.

Kokkamangalam Apostle St. Thomas Pilgrim Centre

Kokkamangalam Apostle St. Thomas Pilgrim CentreSt. Thomas sailed to Kokkamangalam where he preached the gospel for about a year. 1600 people embraced Christian faith through him according to the narration in "Rampan Pattu", an ancient form of Christian folk-song prevalent in Kerala. He formed a Christian community at Kokkamangalam and enshrined a Cross for the faithful. The people of Kokkamangalam and nearby places venerate St. Thomas as their beloved heavenly patron


Sree Krishna Temple Ambalapuzha

Sree Krishna Temple, AmbalapuzhaIt is about 14km from Alappuzha. The classic architecture of this temple is worth seeing. Besides its architecture, it is well known for its 'Palpayasam' (sweet milk porridge), offered to the deity. The main event of the temple takes place in the months of March/April.

Chettikulangara Bhagwathy Temple

Chettikulangara Bhagavathy TempleThe locals believe that the presiding deity of the temple has miraculous powers. On the occasion of Bharani the temple is abuzz with activity in the months of February and March.


Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram PalaceThe Krishnapuram palace is located at a distance of 47 km at Kayamkulam. The double storied palace contains one of the greatest Mural panels in Kerala. The 18th century Krishnapuram Palace is a typical example of Kerala Architecture.