Anthraper ancestral home

The history of Anthraper family goes back to the early 16th century. The very name 'Anthraper' is derived from Andrew Pereira, a Portuguese name, and also 'AntharaPeriyavar', a term used to denote a person of high nobility.


Anthraper Family HistoryIt begins with the arrival in Cochin of Andrew Pereira of Portugal and his wife Catherina and son Diego Pereira along with Vasco de Gama, the explorer, in 1502. Andrew Pereira settled down in Cochin, rising to the rank of Military Commander of the King of Cochin and in time, his son inherited his father's mantle and served the King well. Diego Pereira was made a 'Madambi' (Local chieftain or Earl) in 1545, and was the only Christian Madambi among 71 other Madambis of Cherthala Area. The Anthrapers always married ladies of Portuguese origin until 1786 when Kochandy Anthraper accepted a bride Anna, from the local parish. And with this, their integration with the land was complete. All the living Anthrapers of many branches are the descendants of this couple.


The present house Anthraper Gardens with waterfront on three sides is a very quiet and picturesque place with a spacious and well manicured garden. Away from the hustle & bustle of the city, it is an idyllic place to unwind and rediscover oneself. It was established by Chevalier ACM Anthraper, the grandfather of the present generation almost a hundred years ago. A man of great vision with political and business acumen, he loomed large in the social and industrial scene of Kerala. He was knighted by the Pope for his charitable deeds and contribution to the society. His son, Late AMJ Anthraper and his wife Thankamma Anthraper continued as the torch bearers of the family tradition and are well known in Kerala. They had four sons and five daughters of which the sons have passed away.

The Anthraper Gardens Home stay

Anthraper ancestral homeThe Anthraper Gardens Home stay is a dream come true of the late Alexander Anthraper, the last heir to the family estate. The home stay is presently managed by his sister, Omana Thomas, ably assisted by her sisters Mary, Shantha, Leela and Rani on behalf of their nephew & present heir Kilash Anthraper, who lives in the United States. All of them are expert cooks, well educated and widely traveled.

The Anthraper Family with its roots in Portugal and growth in India has survived through the ebbs and flows of last 500 years. Fortune, fate, luck and hard work have looked after this family, which has blended itself with the new land while maintaining an identity of its own.